Lamya Bajalat is a dedicated customer advisor at Webhelp, specializing in providing solutions for technical issues related to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. With a passion for addressing customer needs, Lamya delivers personalized responses to resolve technical challenges. Lamya is also the author of the blog and, showcasing her interests beyond the technical realm. Her overarching goals involve continuous personal and professional development, staying abreast of future technologies, and contributing to the knowledge enhancement of her community.
Lamya’s achievements include a notable accomplishment in weight loss, reflecting her commitment to personal well-being, and successfully striking a balance between work and study, highlighting her ability to manage multiple priorities effectively


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Embarking on a career path in data analytics is an excellent choice, and ALX has provided me with a solid foundation. To excel in this field, I will focus on mastering the fundamentals of statistics, mathematics. Gaining hands-on experience through internships or projects, I will build a portfolio showcasing my skills. I will consider specializing in a specific area of data analytics and stay updated with industry trends. Networking with professionals and obtaining relevant certifications can further boost my career prospects. I will stay adaptable and committed to continuous learning, paving the way for success as a data analytics specialist.